Bracane Company

The Bracane Company is an international consultancy research firm that conducts regulatory audits, monitoring and evaluations in clinical research, health program evaluation, wellness behaviors and outcomes research.

The need for data for health status is on the rise in today’s global market.  This data is critical to marketing efforts, payor coverage and reimbursement levels, and often the ongoing ability to stay in the market. We understand these market pressures and the regulatory rigors required to conduct a successful post-market or non-traditional study. 

Our quality services are key for the ongoing evaluation of quality, maintenance and compliance for post marketing and late phase programs.

Partner with us to execute:

  • FDA mandated post-market studies
  • Registries and retrospective studies
  • Health Economics studies
  • Post-market surveillance
  • Literature based meta-analysis
  • Quality audits of ongoing or completed studies
  • Project management
  • Product/service feasibility studies

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